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Nanoprogress is a leading Nanotechnology cluster organisation with key players from the industry. 

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Nanoprogress operates within four priority areas which are research and development, building joint R&D infrastructure, supporting of the internationalisation of its members and improvement of the cluster management and its visibility.


Within the joint research activities, we developed sophisticated methodologies for functionalization of nanofiber structures, built new technological equipment for production of core-shell nanofibers and new equipment based on the worldwide unique AC electrospinning technology. Also, the application potential of wide range of functionalized nanofiber structures to medicine and industry was determined. Within our member base we have representatives of three European countries and within our partners are leading cluster organizations and entities from eight world states.


Nanoprogress gained over the last decade its place among the leading European cluster organisations. We have significantly boosted the excellent research of the Czech nanotechnology industry, continuously supported our members, consolidated our network of European partners by building a sustainable European ecosystem with own legal entity, set-up first cluster spin-off organisation and much, much more.



Research and Development

  • Selection of relevant calls for proposal
  • Creation of consortium
  • Preparation and management of innovation business plan
  • Administration support (financial, legal)
  • Preparation and realization of tenders
  • Providing access to shared infrastructure and know-how



  • Partnering for R&D and business opportunities
  • Support of entering new target markets
  • Facilitating and organisation of exchanges
  • Organisation of B2B missions


Marketing and PR 

  • Information service about current calls for proposal
  • Member profile on website
  • Presentation on social networks and the portal
  • Realization of promotional videos (script, camera, editing)
  • Organization and representation on key events


Education activities 

  • Provision of professional training (soft skills, management skills, IT)
  • Realization of other professional seminars / webinars
  • Specific consultations based on specific need


Contact: Tereza Urbánková,