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We connect companies, organizations and technology platforms interested in creating synergies in the field of digitalisation and progressive environmental technologies.

We bring to our members new business opportunities and the opportunity to participate in transnational lucrative research and development projects.

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Czecho-Slovak Technology Summit

The 1st Annual of CSTS was successful ...

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The CEDEG brings together

6 / 639
founding cluster organizations / companies
79 / 98
research organizations / other members
1,1 mio
employees in member organizations (approx.)
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What We Offer To Our Members

Lobbying and promotion
Business opportunities and prestigious projects
Events and representation
Tailor-made services

Why to became a member of CEDEG?


  • Access to unique business and innovation opportunities within the key European countries and regions and on a global level
  • Engagement in the prestigious domestic and international projects
  • Exploring the human capital by leveraging a vast network of prestigious associated stakeholders
  • Harnessing the potential of a dynamic and fast-growing European ecosystem

What We Have Done

Actuality and News

Success of Nanoprogress


Ladies and Gentlemen,

the cluster community has flourished over the years where it currently counts with more than 1000 highly active cluster oganisations at the EU level. In Czech Republic we have under the umbrella of the National Cluster Association CZ many brilliant and progressive cluster organisations. These organisations provide high added value to its members, help them to develop new products and technological solutions, support their internationalisation and provide them R&D and business opportunities by leveraging a solid network of partners of the European cluster society and beyond.  

Kyberbezpečnost v regionech – Plzeňský kraj - 5. října 2022


Národní klastrová asociace, Plzeňský kraj, středoevropský metaklastr CEDEG, Klastr Mechatronika, Network Security Monitoring Cluster, Czechinvest, IRESA CZ a partneři vás zvou k participaci na konferenci věnovanou praktickým doporučením a prezentacím účelných technických řešení.



Prague is about to host the European Cluster Conference 2022

CEDEG KYBEZ FESTIVAL – Středočeský kraj - 15. září 2022


Středoevropský metaklastr CEDEG, Národní klastrová asociace, ELI Beamlines, Fyzikální ústav AV ČR, IRESA CZ a partneři vás zvou na konferenci věnovanou praktickým doporučením a prezentacím účelných technických řešení.

První ročník konference Czecho-Slovak Technology Summit 2022 byl úspěšný…


Digitální technologie v Česko -Slovenském podání a skvělý networking v jihomoravském duchu.



We invite you to the largest Czecho-Slovak networking in the fields of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and EDIH!