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CE Digital & Enviro Grouping (CEDEG) is a research, business and networking grouping that operates predominantly within the Central European area.


Through its activities, the organization fulfils the nature of a non-profit organization, a transnational cluster grouping (metacluster).


The metacluster is dedicated to research, development, dissemination and monetization of activities in two important topics of contemporary global society - the field of digitalization and environmentally advanced technologies.

Innovation and support of own members:

To achieve growth, excellence and quality innovation synergies of member companies, research organizations and other members, CEDEG implements:

  • involving high-quality industrial and research partners in innovative R&D projects or other development activities and supporting them in obtaining the best European financial programs
  • support and placement of its members and their experts in major sectoral initiatives to provide new opportunities in the Central and European environment
  • CEDEG implements partnerships internationally with major leading foreign clusters, innovation centers, digital innovation hubs, industrial companies, universities, regions and other entities connecting promising small and medium-sized enterprises and startups with quality research and business partners from domestic and foreign regions

Dynamization and growth of member small and medium-sized companies

To help small and medium-sized enterprises develop in their markets is the strong mission of CEDEG Grouping through value-added support. Through expertise and funding, CEDEG Grouping supports SMEs in growth to become future mid-cap companies in Central Europe.

International cooperation

CEDEG internationally provide partnership with significant leading foreign clusters, innovation centers, digital innovation centers, industrial enterprises, universities, regions and other entities connecting prospective small and medium-sized enterprises and startups with quality research and business partners from Central Europe and other regions.

Promoting the principle of the digital and environmental ecosystem

CEDEG also aims to place its members in key sectoral initiatives to raise the profile and accessibility of the innovation ecosystem in these fields within Central European regions and at European level.


CEDEG is a group of dynamic and progressive entities that are interested in creating meaningful and synergistic projects in the field of digitization and progressive environmental technologies.


CEDEG has the ambition to become the most important platform for cooperation in Central Europe in the field of digitalization and progressive environmental technologies within 3 years.


The members of the organization are industry, small and medium enterprises and startups, large companies, leading universities, research organizations and laboratories, progressive European regions, municipalities and more ...


Chairman of the Board

Ivo Říha

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Maroš Barabas

Luboš Komárek

Members of the Board of Directors

Mária Behúlová

Jaroslav Lískovec

Alexander Schwock

Petr Stoklasa

Members of the Supervisory Board

Rudolf Černý

Jiří Herinek

Members Team


Receiving an award of the key European Strategic partnership for going international by the European commission.

Successful organisation of the business missions to China, Canada and USA.

Signature of 8 MoU with key partners on the third (non-European) markets for internationalisation support of European SMEs.

Key Technologies

Based on the current professional specialization and experience of all major key experts, CEDEG focuses on 2 key thematic areas of development of current and future society: Digitization technologies and progressive environmental technologies and approaches.


In both areas, topics are researched and projects focused on potential, development of technologies and processes, benefits, but also risks related to the development of both thematic areas.


  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Security
  • Big Data
  • Gaming
  • Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality
  • Smart City and mobility
  • Microelectronics
  • Cloud services

Progressive environmental technology

  • Energy
  • Circular economy
  • Green technology
  • Packaging and biodegradable materials
  • Water, air and their purification
  • Advanced technology in engineering
  • Nanotechnology