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Výzva na finančnú podporu udržateľnosti


Výzva na finančnú podporu udržateľnosti otvorená od 7.12.2023 do 7.2.2024.

Riešitelia projektu STAGE informujú, že Malé a stredné podniky môžu získať granty až do výšky 50 000 € z projektu STAGE.

Title: New call on sustainability financial support opens on 7 December
Subtitle: Small and medium-sized enterprises can receive up to €50,000 grants


STAGE is a unique support mechanism, co-funded by the European Commission, helping enterprises with sustainability reporting and investment readiness.


The STAGE Financial Grant Programme has launched the second grant call for supporting EU climate and environmental strategic goals. 


Similarly to our previous call, STAGE has made €50,000 in funding and hands-on advisory support available for enterprises to develop investment concepts on innovation and zero waste economy. 


Grants will be distributed in different funding stages and will be spent by companies to:  


  • Prepare an investment project plan (modernization and technological innovation, automatization, digitalization, implementation of renewable energy or circular economy models, etc.);


  • Pay for additional services needed for the investment plan preparation (feasibility study, technology audit, data collection and analysis of carbon footprint assessment, prototyping, pilot testing and demonstration, business process adaptation, support for use of testing facilities, other specialized consulting and coaching services related to the preparation of the investment plan


The current call will stay open until 7 February 2024. Applicants from across the EU plus countries  associated to Horizon Europe are eligible to apply.   


Applying for the funding is simple. Companies first need to register on the STAGE platform and then complete the first step – Initial Assessment – an easy to use tool that analyses an organization's performance in different ESG aspects, as well as its level of innovation. After that companies need to go to the Application section of the platform and follow the instructions to participate. 


Sustainability Advisors play a crucial role in this process, providing expert guidance to companies for developing their investment plans and these experts can also benefit from the current open call.


Important: Funding should be spent on services provided only by Sustainability Advisors, who are part of the STAGE eco-system and are registered on the platform.  


For more information you can visit The STAGE Financial grant scheme section: